Individualized, Standards-Based Tutoring


Is your child falling behind in his/her school work?

Does your child want to get ahead at school?

Does your child need a little extra help to nail down some core concepts?

Does your child want to score high on the ACT or SAT?

Are you too busy to help your child with that heavy homework load?

Are you a college student who needs someone to offer some coaching through those introductory courses?

My name is Justin and and I am a tutor in Minneapolis, Minnesota with 5 years experience available for:

  • Homework help
  • Reading help
  • Basic computer skills
  • ACT and SAT prep
  • General academic coaching

Age/grade levels from 2nd grade up to early college and beyond! I have experience with students diagnosed with ADHD and ELL/ESL students.

I will come to your home, anywhere in the seven county metro area. $25/hour base rate, additional charges for students outside the seven county metro area. I’m available during the school year and the summer!


  • Math (algebra, geometry, elementary, statistics, etc.)
  • Science (biology, chemistry, physics, earth science, life science, physical science)
  • Writing (high school, college, fiction, research papers, creative writing, proofreading, grammar)
  • Reading (elementary, secondary, ESL/ELL)
  • Basic computer and technology skills (Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, Windows, Powerpoint)
  • ACT, SAT, GRE and more!

Experience summary:

  • Tutoring students 2nd through 12th grade (homework, reading, and more!)
  • ACT and SAT prep for high school students
  • Computer skills help for adults
  • Substitute teaching
  • Master’s of Education in Curriculum and Instruction

My tutor profile

Cash, check, and credit cards accepted.

VMware Hosting

Phone: 612.616.9374


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